Environmentally friendly and cost effective graffiti, paint, chewing gum, lines and oil stains, grease and rust removal from public works and property

Environmentally Friendly Graffiti, Paint and Rust Removal

Soda blasting is the most cost effective solution to remove graffiti, paint, chewing gum, road lines, oil stains, grease and rust from public works and property. Unlike traditional methods such as pressure washing, shot blasting, sand blasting or burn off, soda blasting is non-abrasive, chemical free and non-hazardous, leaving a superior finish without causing damage to the original surface or the environment.

Public Works and Property Uses

• Car Parks
• Heritage buildings
• Monuments
• Parks and Playgrounds
• Tennis courts and sports facilities
• Public buildings and areas
• Road surfaces and line markings

Benefits of Soda Blasting

• Graffiti, paint, oil, grease and rust removal from most surfaces
• Restores surfaces to their original condition without causing damage, including sandstone
• 100% environmentally safe, no chemicals and minimal to no water used
• Non-hazardous – produces no dust or fumes during clean-up
• Cost effective – quick and efficient with minimal preparation or clean-up required
• Non-toxic and completely biodegradable

Before and After Soda Blasting

Graffiti and Rust Removal – Before

Graffiti and Rust Removal – After