Non-toxic and chemical free removal of fat, oil, grease, baked on carbon, odours, stains, food and other contaminants from manufacturing and food preparation equipment

Non-toxic and Chemical Free Cleaning of Food Preparation Equipment

Sodablasting uses non-toxic and chemical free food grade baking soda in a high pressure machine to thoroughly clean any surface without causing any damage. From heavy duty food processing equipment, restaurant kitchens, food retailers and manufacturers soda blasting will leave a superior finish compared to traditional methods and also reduce production down-time.

Food Preparation and Equipment Uses

• Restaurants and food retailers
• Catering equipment
• Food preparation equipment and areas
• Food manufacturing areas and equipment
• Fast food industries
• Abattoirs

Benefits of Soda Blasting

• Removes fat, oil, grease, carbon, mould, odours, stains and food produce
• Cleans heavy duty equipment, conveyor belts, floors and walls, food contact surfaces
• Does not damage materials or surfaces
• Uses bicarbonate of soda – 100% soluble, food grade material – for in-depth cleaning
• Non-toxic, chemical free and biodegradable
• Drastically reduces production downtime and saves in manual labour
• Assist in the removal of listeria, E. Coli, salmonella and other common bacteria
• Cleans hard to reach places
• Kosher approved

Before and After Soda Blasting

Food Preparation Equipment – Before

Food Preparation Equipment – After