Quick Boat Anti-Fouling Removal and Hull Preparation with No Damage

Soda blasting is a quick and cost effective antifoul removal and hull preparation solution. Unlike traditional power washing, sanding and chemical treatments, it is 100% environmentally friendly and effectively removes bilge-oil film, paint, varnishes and blisters from timber and fibre glass boats in a fraction of the time and with minimal preparation and clean-up required compared with traditional methods.

Marine anti-fouling is an essential way to prolong your boat’s life and ensure it does not deteriorate over time – but it is essential to preserve the marine anti-fouling solution and, when it loses its effectiveness, remove the materials completely before adding a new coat.

Our method provides an effective and safe way to remove old layers of boat anti-fouling, to provide a pristine surface for the new protective layer.

Uses of boat anti-fouling

Our cleansing method, when used in marine applications, can have a multitude of uses, making it the optimum choice for boat maintenance. Protecting the water vessel is our top priority, and we service all types of boats – commercial and pleasure crafts – including:

  • Antifoul removal and hull preparation
  • Sports cruisers
  • Fibreglass and timber boats
  • Fishing industries
  • Leisure, commercial and defence craft

Whether you are looking to clean your boat of anti-foul solution, or your car or truck of paint and grime, our blasting method is effective and efficient.

Benefits of soda blasting when used on anti-fouling applications

When compared with other cleaning methods, soda blasting is the better choice. It offers multitudinous benefits, such as:

  • Antifoul removal, preparation of the hull and cleaning of underwater surfaces
  • Removes bilge-oil film, old paint, varnishes and exposes blisters from timber and fibreglass
  • Cost effective – minimal preparation and clean-up required compared with traditional methods
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • Reduces “hull” drag through removal of layers of paint
  • Leaves protective gel coat intact
  • Completely mobile – we come to you!

Before and After Soda Blasting

Antifoul Removal and Hull Preparation – Before

boat anti-fouling

Antifoul Removal and Hull Preparation – After

Contact our marine team for further information and a quote

This process prolongs your boat’s life effectively. Next time you are ready to introduce a new coat of the protective solution, contact our friendly team and we will discuss an in-depth breakdown of the cost.