Mobile Soda Blasting for Parramatta

Maintain Your Equipment and Facilities With a Non-Abrasive Cleaning Solution

Soda-Tec specialise in non-abrasive soda blasting for the safe removal of dirt, grime, grease, graffiti and other surface contaminants. We proudly service all major areas of Parramatta with fast and convenient mobile cleaning solutions.

Suitable for use on a range of surfaces, our specially-formulated blast material can effectively lift stubborn stains off almost anything from cars and marine vehicles to machinery and buildings.

Soda-Tec also provide paint stripping along with flood and fire damage recovery.

Mobile Soda Blasting Solutions

Do you have small touch-up job or large-scale commercial and industrial project? Soda-Tec has the labour and resources to meet your individual needs on a fixed budget and timeframe.

Enjoy the convenience of a mobile soda blasting service in Parramatta. Receive onsite support from licensed professionals who take the time to address your specific concerns. With minimal preparation and clean-up, you avoid potential downtime and get to keep the business going as usual – no matter how big or small the job.

Advantages of Soda Blasting

Sandblasting is the process of etching or removing contaminants from a surface. However, this process involves the use of abrasive materials and sometimes toxic chemicals. Soda-Tec does things differently with a gentle yet equally effective approach – soda blasting.

Our blast material is made of specially-formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Distributed through a hose nozzle with compressed air, the bicarbonate particles make contact with the contaminants to elicit a powerful chemical response that disrupts the contaminants and cause them to ‘lift’ off the surface.

Unlike sandblasting, this approach is non-abrasive and maintains the original appearance of the surface. It is also cheaper and requires no water – so it’s good for the environment.

To connect with a soda blasting specialist in Parramatta, call Soda-Tec on 0407 070 464.

Why Choose Soda-Tec

Thanks to the non-toxic formula and ease of use, soda blasting is a popular choice for homeowners, businesses, industrial site owners and local council members.

Soda-Tec has years of experience in soda blasting for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. All team members are fully qualified and receive regular training to provide up-to-date solutions that produce lasting results.

Whether you have unsightly graffiti on the wall, grease and oil clogging up the machinery or rust slowly degrading your engine – we have a custom solution for you.

  • Versatile mobile soda blasting solutions
  • Serving all areas of Parramatta
  • Fully licensed professionals
  • Onsite advice and support
  • Gentle on most surfaces as recommended
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Free quotes

Connect With the Experts

Have any questions? Soda-Tec will happily answer your enquiry.

Simply call 0407 070 464 to request a FREE quote. Or fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

The Soda-Tec team in Parramatta look forward to your call.