Soda Blasting Hawkesbury

Mobile Soda Blasting for all Kinds of Surfaces, Vehicles and Buildings

Do you have unsightly graffiti on the wall? Is your machinery clogged with oil and grease?

Let Soda-Tec take the hassle out of those tough cleaning jobs with a quick and easy soda blasting in Hawkesbury. Our non-toxic and eco-friendly blast material is gentle on most surfaces and effectively removes dirt, grime, oil, grease, graffiti, rust and corrosion, smoke stains and antifoul, to name a few.

Unlike sandblasting, which is abrasive and toxic, we use specially-formulated baking soda blasted with compressed air. This powerful pressure naturally restores the finish on almost any surface or object without modifying the original surface. From cars to marine vehicles, machinery and graffiti removal – you name it, we can do it!

Your Complete Mobile Soda Blasting Solution in Hawkesbury

  • Automotive and cars
  • Marine vehicles and boats
  • Graffiti and paint removal
  • Building and construction
  • Fire and flood damage recovery
  • Food preparation and equipment
  • Degrease of machinery, engines and individual parts
  • Public works and other property

Let Us Come to You!

No matter where you need soda blasting in Hawkesbury, the team will arrive on-time and take the time to understand your project needs before they issue an obligation-free quote. In some cases, we can arrive on the same day you book and appointment.

With minimal time spent on preparation and clean-up, you can keep business going as usual and the area will be ready to use straight away!

Why Choose Soda-Tec

The Hawkesbury Soda-Tec team are professional soda blasters with years of experience.

Don’t risk damaging your expensive equipment or facilities with traditional sandblasting. Save time and money with a gentle soda blasting service from Soda-Tec. Our licensed experts take the time to understand your specific needs and carry out a cost-effective service based on your requirement.

After the job is done, you get expert maintenance tips to ensure the surface maintains its beautiful finish for years to come. Plus, you have the chance to answer any questions during the entire process.

Request a FREE Quote

If you need fast and efficient soda blasting, the friendly team at Soda-Tec will be happy to provide an affordable solution for you.

Call Soda-Tec today on 0407 070 464 for a FREE quote. Or fill out the online form and the team will reply within 24 hours.

Your soda blasting experts in Hawkesbury look forward to your enquiry.